Trade to Travel "Where To?"

Friday, October 29, 2010
Leah Powell, President

Hello members of TTT and owners of luxury properties worldwide,

The newsletter which we sent on October 15 regarding our collaborations with charities received such enthusiastic feedback that we've developed an exciting new structure for partnering with property owners and non-profit organizations.  The big changes are as follows:

  1. Charities don't need to pay transaction fees (for the points they'll be offering) prior to fundraising events.
  2. Charities are now free to offer as many points as they wish.
  3. Charities no longer need members to donate the points which are offered at fundraising events.
  4. Charities receive 1/3 of all monies from points purchased by their supporters.
  5. Supporters who purchase points save 25% on luxury accommodations in 36 countries.
  6. Property owners receive 25% of their rental rates in cash and the remaining 75% in TTT points each time they donate weeks to charities via our services.

Below is an outline of the new structure: 

Trade to Travel joins hands with charities and property owners worldwide to raise funds for great causes.  Weeks in gorgeous vacation properties are IDEAL items at fundraising events and via our services property owners receive 25% of their rental rate in cash and 75% in TTT points each time they donate weeks to charities.  It's the perfect way to make the most of unrented weeks...the ultimate win/win.
The way we partner with charities is simple.  Supporters of non-profit organizations are able to purchase as many TTT points as they would like for $300 per point to enjoy exceptional properties when they travel for business or pleasure (saving 25%, since each TTT point = $400 of rental value/rack rate or charter value).  So, supporters save $100 for every point they purchase and the charity receives 1/3 of the monies from all points purchased by their supporters.
For example, when a supporter purchases 25 points @ $300 per point, they save $2500 on luxury accommodations (since 25 points = $10,000 worth of accommodations and the supporter only pays $7500 for the 25 points).  The charity receives $2500 and the property owner(s) receive $2500. 
Everyone wins!
Points purchased by supporters can be used all at once for one lavish property or the points can be used to visit a number of properties.  For example, if a supporter purchases 40 points, he/she can use those 40 points to enjoy one week in a 40 point property or two weeks in a 20 point property (or 4 weeks in 10 point properties, etcetera).
Please let us know if you're a property owner who would like to participate or if you'd like us to help raise funds for your favorite organization. 
Following is a link to the new "Charities" page of our website:

Thank you so much to our members who brainstormed with us to come up with the new structure and to the organizations who do so much great work for wonderful causes.  We're eagerly looking forward to working with as many of you as possible to do as much good as possible!
All the best,

 Joining Hands