Trade to Travel "Where To?"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Leah Powell, President

Hello members of TTT and owners of luxury properties worldwide,

I'm writing today from spectacular "Atlantis" on Paradise Island in the Bahamas to let you know that Trade to Travel is up for the "Innovation of The Year" award at the Global Networking Expo for fractional ownership, private residence clubs, and destination clubs.  Following is the write-up!
"Trade to Travel" (TTT) has been the innovator for 20 years when it comes to exchanging exceptional residences, vacation homes, motor and sailing yachts, villas, chalets, castles, estates, enchanting inns and boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, flats, spas, penthouses and private islands.  Via their services, members enjoy properties worldwide at 90% savings.
The idea for "Trade to Travel" was born in 1991 in "Ship's Watch" on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (the first purpose-built luxury fractional development in the world).  The founders of TTT, Betty Magee and her best friend Vaniene Hardy, were vacationing in "Ship's Watch" (where Vaniene has now owned a 1/10th share for 24 years).  It was a rainy day and Vaniene was considering purchasing a beach house in the area when Betty said, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for owners of vacation homes to exchange with one another the way timeshares do?" Vaniene and her daughter, Leah, both thought it sounded like a great idea indeed and the next week the 3 women started "Trade to Travel" (long before the advent of the internet).  They invented "non-reciprocal exchange" for fractional and wholly-owned properties worldwide and have been non-stop innovators for 20 years.
Leah (now the president of TTT) spoke at "Fractional Summit USA" in Miami and "Fractional Summit Europe" in London regarding the value of exchange and rentals for fractional properties, fractional developments, private residence clubs, and destination clubs.  Membership in TTT adds value to fractional offerings, dramatically leveraging owners' investments and increasing ROI in ways that no other company in the world makes possible.
A few years ago, Michael Espindle (Managing Editor of "Elite Traveler" magazine) said, "Trade to Travel is the biggest news in the luxury travel industry since the advent of destination clubs." But it's even better than that. Trade to Travel wasn't born after destination clubs. It was born before them. The founder of the first destination club, "Private Retreats," partnered with TTT so that members of "Private Retreats" could enjoy TTT properties and vice versa...which worked great for both companies until "Private Retreats" went out of business. Many of "Private Retreats" original members are still happy members of TTT today and TTT now partners with destination clubs and private residence clubs to the benefit of all involved.  For example, the owner of Casa Suenos in Manzanillo (T650 on their website) has already been to over 90 of his fellow members' properties!
For those who don't own a vacation property, yet who do want to enjoy wonderful vacation properties at the best possible prices, TTT offers a dazzling array of fully vetted rental properties. Many belong to their "Owners Club" members, while others are arranged via partnerships with preeminent real estate and rental companies, destination clubs, and private residence clubs worldwide. Plus, renters receive the same devoted concierge services enjoyed by their "Owners Club" members.
Another benefit of both luxury exchange and fractional ownership is that they're both "green." Rather than overbuilding the planet's most precious vacation destinations, a combination of fractional ownership and luxury exchange makes it possible for lovers of spectacular vacations to enjoy the quality of vacations which they desire while making the best possible use of the luxury properties which are already in existence and those which are currently being built.
Trade to Travel says, "You have great properties.  We have great properties.  Let's share."
Give us a week and we'll give you the world!