Trade to Travel "Where To?"

Friday, September 30, 2011
Leah Powell, President

Hello members of TTT and owners of luxury properties worldwide,

Wow, a lot has gone on in the offices of TTT over the past several months.  We've been through a 5.8 earthquake (and a 4.8 tremor), followed by Hurricane Irene which took out our power for a week, plus I've been dealing with a severe hand injury and lots of physical therapy.  To those of you whom I owe an email or phone call, I beg your forgiveness because I'm way behind in my correspondence.  I apologize!

The great news is that TTT is having its best year ever.  We outgrew our old offices and moved into new suites, we've hired excellent new staff members, and we're now fulfilling approximately 85% of our members' non-holiday requests (as well as many holiday requests).  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make 2011 such a success.

Membership Fee:

When we recently sent out a newsletter letting members know that we would no longer be charging a membership fee, we received quite a bit of feedback asking us to reconsider.  Members let us know that they feel more comfortable when there is a membership fee for a variety of reasons, most having to do with security and exclusivity.

Consequently, we are reinstating our $2500 membership fee.  We are not reinstating any annual fee, so aside from the one-time membership fee, members "pay" only when they play...and by "pay" we mean SAVE 90% (all members who host one or more high season weeks each year save 90% each time we arrange accommodations for you).

Fractional Summit USA

At the end of August, I attended "Fractional Summit USA" in Miami and was the moderator for a panel discussion on exchange, rentals, and resales for the luxury fractional ownership industry.

The summit was held in the Intercontinental Hotel and participants on the panel included Tim McLaughlin of The Registry Collection and Peter Gust of LaTour Hotels and Resorts.  They emphasized that exchange services and rentals are important sales tools for developers, enabling them to offer a wide variety of incentives to buyers.  Both exchange and rentals make extremely good use of unsold developer inventory and weeks which buyers/owners are unable to use themselves.

Double Points for Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I wanted to let you know that we have wonderful properties available for each of the upcoming holidays from Thanksgiving through New Years.  If you'd like to get away for a special family celebration, give us a call!

Also, I wanted to remind you that members receive double points when hosting for a holiday week.  Each point represents $1000 of rental value and points never expire.  If you have a holiday week available which you'd like to exchange, please let us know.

Serious Inquiries Only

Please understand that in the best interest of all members, it is important for our staff to work only on "serious" requests.  Please only ask us to arrange a property for you if you are fairly certain that you will reserve the property if we are able to fulfill the request. This policy helps us provide our services as effeciently, effectively, and inexpensively as possible, plus it doesn't waste members' precious time answering inquiries which aren't "serious."  Thank you so much for your support and collaboration.

Sample Availabilities

For those of you who don't know about the "Sample Availabilities" page of our website, it's great fodder for daydreams and great inspiration for dreams-come-true.  Following is a link to view it:

At any given time, you will always find many exceptional properties awaiting you on the "Sample Availabilities" page.  If you'd like to reserve one or more, please give us a call at 800.922.6001 and you'll be on your way in no time.

As always, thank you so much for your time and very happy travels to you.  Please let us know whenever there is anything we can do for you!

All the best,

Give us a week and we'll give you the world!