The Possibilities

We offer a spectacular diversity of accommodations worldwide. Options include a beautiful villa with pool on a private island in Bermuda which can be enjoyed with use of the owner's 50' yacht. The owner was the 8th member of TTT over two decades ago. Years before anyone ever heard of the internet, she somehow heard about TTT through the grapevine as word-of-mouth spread about the revolutionary idea that the three women who founded TTT had come up with. A couple of weeks later, word of TTT crossed the Atlantic Ocean and we received a call from the owner of Lumley Castle in England who said, "I hear you ladies have a great idea." Lumley is a magnificent 13th century castle with 21st century elegance which sits on splendid parkland overlooking a verdant golf course and the lovely River Wear.

Perhaps you're in the mood for Broadway? We'd love to offer you a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Or a spectacular South African Safari in the lap of luxury? Let us know and you'll be on your way in no time!


Who are Trade to Travel members? They're people like you. They own luxury properties. They often form long-lasting friendships with their fellow members. Hosts often leave "Welcome" gifts for their guests, and guests often leave "Thank You" gifts for their hosts. With Trade to Travel, the world is simultaneously a larger place and a smaller place.


Never again will you waste hours online searching for ideal accommodations at the best possible rates. Simply let us know where you want to go and what sorts of properties you have in mind. Or ask for our recommendations. We've been arranging luxury vacations worldwide for our members longer than any other luxury travel club in the world and we'd love to tell you all about our favorite properties in your destinations of choice.


Leverage your Lifestyle! If you own a vacation property and love to travel, Trade To Travel was created for you. Membership is an outstanding way to leverage your investment in your property, maximizing ROI in ways no other company in the world makes possible.


Members of Trade to Travel are responsible property owners like yourself. They treat your property the same way they want guests to treat their properties.

Members agree to be responsible for any/all damages which they might accidentally cause during their stay. Any member failing to honor this commitment, in a manner satisfactory to all concerned, would lose his/her membership in TTT. Each member agrees to our "Terms and Conditions" which details the accountabilities of all involved parties.

In our 30 years of service, no member has ever not paid completely and immediately for any accidental damage which was caused by them or by members of their party. In the event that a member ever does cause damage which they don't pay for to the complete satisfaction of their host, TTT will pay the host up to $1000.

GuaranteeTrade to Travel provides an Unconditional, One Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Members may use Trade to Travel absolutely risk-free for one entire year. That is how committed we are to providing outstanding service!