The Original Luxury Home which you don't "exchange."

Owners of luxury properties worldwide use our unparalleled exchange to trade weeks in their vacation properties for barter credit which can be used to enjoy members' properties around the globe.

Members contact their fellow members using the messaging system on our website to arrange trades (we call these "self-arranged trades") or they let our staff know when and where they want to travel and we are delighted to arrange accommodations for them (these are "staff-arranged trades").

We charge no monthly fee or annual fee. All we ask is that members "host" their fellow members for at least one high season week each year (by host, we mean to have members as personal guests in your property in exchange for barter credit equal to the published rates for the accommodations, services, and amenities provided).

Our very simple credit exchange makes it possible for owners to host at their convenience and travel whenever they wish. Members may arrange "direct exchanges" (meaning two members visit each other's properties at the same time or at different times) and "indirect exchanges," meaning owners trade their available dates (which will lose all value if not used) for barter credits which never expire.

Each credit represents $1 and all credits shown on our website are per week. For example, 7500 credits represent $7500 per week. Credits may be used by family and friends (as long as the member agrees to be the responsible party).

If you own a luxury vacation property, the way we work is simple:

  1. Apply for membership.
  2. Deposit weeks in your property.
  3. Book vacations worldwide!

When you deposit high season weeks, you will receive the credits immediately (if the dates are deposited at least 60 days in advance) and you will retain the credits whether or not the weeks are booked by members. Members receive "Double Credits" for depositing weeks which include a major holiday. For weeks deposited less than 60 days in advance, and for weeks which are not high season, you will receive the credits only if the weeks are booked by members.

To contact owners via our website, please log into your member account. When logged in, you will see in the left menu that you can "Search Properties" and "Browse Destinations." When you view profiles for properties you would like to visit, under the property number near the top of the profile, you will see "Submit Trade Request" which will allow you to send an inquiry directly to the member.

Our exchange fee for "self-arranged trades" is 10% of the rental value, saving members 90%.

Our exchange fee for "staff-arranged trades" is 20% of the rental value, saving members 80%.

If the guest in an exchange has not hosted for at least one high season week within the past 12 months, the exchange fee will be 20% for self-arranged trades and 30% for staff-arranged trades.

Our minimum exchange fee is $250.

To thank members who use the messaging system on our website, we add 1000 Bonus Credits to the accounts of both the Host and the Guest for all "self-arranged trades." That's $1000 of barter credit on top of 90% savings!

PLEASE NOTE that messages sent to members from our website will be received in their email. When you receive an email from a member, you will see a large "Click Here" button to view the member's inquiry and respond if you would like to accept, decline, or discuss.

Please do not contact any member using our website if you are not certain that you will book the dates if they offer to host you. If an owner offers to host for the requested dates and you do not book the dates, 250 credits will be deducted from your account and added to the owner's account to thank them for their time and their kind offer of hospitality.

Please check airfares and coordinate travel plans with everyone in your party before contacting owners in order to not bother members unnecessarily regarding uncertain dates, date changes, etc.

Please read the property profile on our website carefully to make sure any questions you may have are not answered in the information provided and please do not bother members by asking questions whose answers can be found on Google. If you have a question about a property which would affect whether or not you will book the requested dates if the owner offers to host, please let us know and we will answer the questions before the owner is contacted or we will contact the owner to get the answers.

When an owner accepts your request and you would like to book the dates, please let us know and we will be happy to take care of the paperwork and payment for the trade. We will let you know the credit value, the exchange fee and any additional information you may need.

When planning your travels, you are never limited to the properties on our website. If we don't have a suitable property available in a destination you want to visit, please let us know where and when you want to go (giving as much advanced notice as possible) and we will do our utmost to bring aboard an ideal new property in that area to host you. Your wish is our command!

Cleaning Fees: Most members waive their cleaning fee when hosting their fellow members and in return we add an additional $1000 credit to their account (which works great for most owners since cleaning most properties costs less than $1000). If you do not wish to waive the cleaning fee for 1000 additional credits when you host members, please let us know the amount of the cleaning fee and we will make sure that members are aware of it before booking your property.

Staff Fees/Gratuities: Owners of staffed properties may require guests to pay staff fees and/or gratuities. Hosting members is a great way for property owners to help their staff earn income during unrented weeks.

Security Deposits: Members do not normally require a security deposit when hosting their fellow members since all members own vacation properties and treat their hosts' properties with care and respect. In our 25 years of being in business we have never had a member cause any accidental damage for which they did not pay immediately and fully. If a member ever does cause damage for which they do not pay, TTT will pay up to $1000 cash and will credit your account with up to $10,000.

"Green Credits" – to reward members for "greening" their properties to reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources, we offer full barter credit for all monies spent on things like solar power, ENERGY STAR appliances, low flow water fixtures and toilets, programmable thermostats, compact florescent light bulbs, low or no volatile organic compound paints, insulation, ceiling fans, etc. When you use your Green Credits to enjoy fabulous properties worldwide, our exchange fee will be 20% of the barter amount, saving you 80%. We will donate half of the exchange fee (10% of the barter amount) to environmental organizations like "The Oceanic Preservation Society."