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Casa Suenos (TTT Property #T650) - Manzanillo, Mexico

Hello, Everyone, since Deborah hasn't been able to travel for several months, I (Leah) thought I'd share a story I wrote recently about "Casa Suenos" (T650) in Manzanillo, Mexico:

Casa Suenos means "House of Dreams," and it is a dream indeed. Imagine being met at the entrance of your STUNNING villa overlooking Santiago Bay by the staff who will take care of you so thoroughly, creatively, meticulously, enthusiastically, and lovingly throughout your stay in Suenos, that you'll think you've died and gone to Heaven. Not only is your refrigerator stocked, its full of only the freshest ingredients which will be used to prepare the day's meals (no leftovers allowed in this property). At Casa Suenos, grocery shopping is done for you daily. Each evening after your gourmet dinner, the full-size flipchart menu is brought out and placed beside the dining table, complete with photos of all of the various exquisite soups, salads, entrees, and desserts from which you're free to choose your next day's meals. It's all just too decadent, fun, and delicious for words!

Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
When you arrive, Lucerto (Lucy) stands ready to greet you with a warm grin and margaritas on the rocks (with salted rims unless requested otherwise before arrival), Linda offers a tray of rolled, damp cloths to wipe your travels from your hands, Carlos and his beautiful wife Margarita (who run the household and speak fluent, gracious English) are ready to provide anything/everything your heart could desire, and the villa itself stands awaiting the ooo's and ahhhh's you're bound to lavish upon it as Carlos introduces you to each room, each balcony, each reading/napping nook, and both of its crystal swimming pools. Hummingbirds dart amongst the jasmine and bougainvillea, geckos run up walls, and occasional small red crabs skitter across the path at your feet. We even saw a bright green iguana we immediately nicknamed "il guardo" ("the guard") because he likes to station himself at the entrance to the property.

Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
Miguel serves multiple purposes around the house, including that of bartender. Antonio will drive you wherever you'd like to go. Plus, he's always prepared to suggest various excursions, activities, and sightseeing trips, so let him or Carlos know if you're feeling adventurous. Antonio even showed up at the airport the day we were flying home because my mom had left her cell charger at Suenos and Carlos asked him to try to catch us before our plane took off. Which he did. Now THAT'S service!

Then there's Lolita. You'll LOVE Lolita. She' s the massage therapist and she is GOOD. I got an hour-long massage every day and they were the best I've ever had. She also performs facials using silver, copper, or gold depending on your skin type. Rosy and Jesse are available for manicures and pedicures given in the upper poolside palapa. A stay in Casa Suenos is the equivalent of living in your own private spa in which the staff is there to cater to you and only you. There were only 3 people in our party (my mom, our friend, Lee, and I), yet we were pampered by a staff of 7. If this is Heaven, then Carlos and his team are the angels.

You don't even need to leave the premises to shop. The house has its own line of clothing including shirts, shorts, hats, and robes complete with the Casa Suenos logo embroidered or printed on them. They have a selection of styles and sizes, made of quality fabrics from Mexico City. We bought for ourselves, family and friends (very convenient since my brother's birthday was the day after our return, so mom and I were able to get him great golf shirts).

Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
I really can't say enough about the beauty of the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners which are created daily for your sublime pleasure and health. I took 29 pictures of food alone. It is always artistically and proudly presented, creative with incredible blends of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods. Desserts are to die for!! Breakfast always includes a platter of luscious fruits, plus pitchers of orange and papaya juices squeezed in your kitchen. Snacks included massive quantities of the best guacamole imaginable, chips and/or tortillas, a plate of melted cheese, refried beans, salsa, jalapenos, and your libation of choice. The palapa which houses the large and fabulous bar is stocked with an impressive array of alcohols. The freezers are full of bottles of water, sodas, beers, juices, Coco Loco, and ice. What more could one ask for in a tropical paradise?

The main living area of the house is a large and wide-open spanse with huge, colorful, endlessly inviting couches in two separate lounging areas, a grande dining area, the palapa bar, the massage area, and the kitchen. No walls obstruct your dramatic views across the pool and over the bay. On the opposite side of the bay stand "Vaca" and "Toro" (the lush mountains named "Cow" and "Bull" which are so high that they create their own weather). Rather than a wall, graceful colums support the roof over your head, so winds and breezes contantly blow through, caressing and cooling as they go. When it rains, you feel like you're IN the storm, yet you're comfortable and dry, sipping something yummy. There is no tv. There is music. There is laughter. There is conversation. There is rest and relaxation. There is healing. There is celebration. Life is good. Very, very good.

Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
Manzanillo, Mexico, Property #T650
At night the property glows. Large and small domes in the ceiling cast magical golden light throughout the house and the pools are so clean and well lit that they're practically neon. Across the bay, lights twinkle where the mountains meet the water and the whole scene is soooooo extraordinary that you don't want to go to sleep because you don't want to miss a minute of it. On the other hand, the 5 bedrooms are all so spectacular that your room gently beckons, inviting you to return to its elegance, marvel at its panoramic views, sit on your private balcony, read, nap, meditate, or sleep. It's a tough choice!

One afternoon, shortly after our living room shopping spree, the owner of Casa Suenos called to make sure sure that we were enamored of our environment. I gushed my gratitude to him for his extreme hospitality and RAVED about all that he and his partner have created. He said that he LOVES Trade to Travel and has now been to 75 TTT properties. Yes, that was no typo...he has been to 75 properties via our services. We're pretty proud of that and we greatly appreciate what a pleasure he's been to work with and for over the years.

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