Upon acceptance of the Membership Application by Trade to Travel Incorporated (TTT), the signer of the Membership Application (hereafter referred to as "Member") shall be considered a member for a period of one year. This agreement shall continue to be in effect for as long as the member hosts (or offers to host) one or more of their fellow TTT members for at least one high season week each year. "Host" is defined as "having members of TTT as personal guests in your property in exchange for barter credits which can be used at your convenience to visit members' properties worldwide.

Membership is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
  1. Member shall complete and submit signed Membership Application.
  2. TTT does not charge any membership fee, monthly fee, or annual fee. There is no cost to become a member.
  3. Members agree to host their fellow members for at least one high season week each year (occasional exceptions may be made if permission is given by our staff, please let us know if you will not be able to host for at least one high season week each year). Members may also host as many low season and shoulder season weeks as they wish.
  4. TTT makes every reasonable effort to fulfill all members' trade requests or to offer comparable properties/dates/destinations.
  5. Credit values for trades are always equal to the published rental rate for the accommodations, services and amenities provided. Each credit represents $1 and all credits shown on our website are per week. Credits never expire. For properties which are not rental properties and have no rental rates, "Credit Values" are assigned based upon the rental rates of comparable properties in the same area.
  6. Members contact their fellow members using the messaging system on our website to arrange trades (we call these "self-arranged trades") or they let our staff know when and where they want to travel and we are delighted to arrange accommodations for them (these are "staff-arranged trades").
  7. Our exchange fee for "self-arranged trades" is 10% of the rental value, saving you 90%. For example, if an owner hosts a member for one week and the rental rate is $5000, our exchange fee is $500 and the guest saves $4500.
  8. Our exchange fee for "staff-arranged trades" is 20% of the rental value, saving you 80%. For example, if our staff arranges a trade for you and the rental value is $5000, our exchange fee will be $1000 and the guest saves $4000. In other words, using the messaging system on our website cuts exchange fees in half.
  9. We charge an additional 10% for all exchange fees for members who have not hosted at least one high season week in the past 12 months. This means that until you host for a high season week, your exchange fees will be 20% for "self-arranged trades" and 30% for "staff-arranged trades."
  10. When members use our staff and/or website to book an exchange, the Guest signs a "Guest Intent" and the Host signs a "Host Intent" outlining the exchange agreement.
  11. When the signed "Host Intent" and "Guest Intent" and the exchange fee have been received by TTT, the Host and Guest shall receive Confirmations. Only after TTT sends both the "Host Confirmation" and the "Guest Confirmation" shall an agreement be considered "Final." TTT highly recommends that Guests never make their travel arrangements (purchase airfare, car rental, etc.) until they have received their Confirmation from the offices of TTT.
  12. If a Guest cancels after signing a "Guest Intent," the Guest shall forfeit the exchange fee and credits for the cancelled trade.
  13. If a Guest cancels a trade request after the Host has signed a "Host Intent" for the trade, the Host shall receive and retain the credits and TTT may offer the dates to other members.
  14. If a Host cancels or does not honor a signed "Host Intent" for any reason, their membership shall be terminated immediately and the member forfeits any/all accrued credits.
  15. If a Host cancels or does not honor a signed "Host Intent" for any reason, the Guest shall receive a full refund of the exchange fee and credits. TTT shall not be held liable for any consequential or incidental costs which the Guest may have incurred (airfare, car rental, etc.).
  16. When hosting a TTT guest, the Host agrees to have furnishings, linens, carpets and all other interior and exterior property features in the condition stated on (or superior to that stated on) their Membership Application, and they agree to inform TTT of any change in the property's condition.
  17. Hosts agree that all TTT Guests have the right to use all amenities customarily connected with their property and Hosts agree to give up all rights to use any portion of the reserved property during the reserved dates.
  18. Hosts shall always be responsible for pre-arrival and post-departure housekeeping. Hosts may require that TTT guests pay a minimal cleaning fee or Hosts may waive the cleaning fee for TTT guests in exchange for 1000 additional credits.
  19. TTT Guests are asked and expected to leave their Host's property in good condition which may include emptying the refrigerator, putting dishes in the dishwasher, stripping linens and putting them in the laundry room, taking garbage out, etc.
  20. Guests are 100% responsible for any/all damages which anyone in their party causes during their stay. If a member of TTT refuses to pay for any/all damage caused by anyone in their party during their stay, their membership shall be terminated immediately and the member shall forfeit any/all accrued credits.
  21. If a member of TTT does not fully pay for any/all damage caused by anyone in their party during their stay, TTT will pay the owner of the property up to $1000 cash and we will credit the owner's account with up to 10,000 credits.
  22. All members are required to have and maintain homeowner's insurance or other insurance appropriate to cover any/all non-paying guests in their property.
  23. Guests agree to pay for any/all personal expenses incurred during their stay in a Host's property including using their own cell phone, calling card, credit card and/or make collect telephone calls during their stay in a Host's property.
  24. TTT Members agree to waive all claims against TTT and/or the owner of the property if a reserved property becomes unavailable for the reserved dates due to natural disaster, an Act of God, and/or any event beyond the control of TTT and/or the owner of the reserved property.
  25. Members may place restrictions upon the use of their properties, such as restrictions regarding the ages of children allowed in their properties, no-smoking, no pets, etc.
  26. TTT Guests must never have any pet in or around their Host's property unless prior written permission has been given by the Host.
  27. TTT Members may allow their credits to be used by family and/or friends if the Member signs the "Guest Intent" and assumes full responsibility for the actions of everyone in the party before, during, and after their stay in a Host's property.
  28. Members agree to notify TTT if/when a property listed on the TTT website is sold and members shall retain all of their accrued credits following the sale of the property. Credits never expire and shall remain usable as long as the Member remains in good standing with TTT and the member may transfer his/her TTT membership to another property if desired. If the buyer of the property would like to become a member of TTT, we will create an account for the new owner on our website free of charge.
  29. The "Terms and Conditions" of this Agreement are subject to change. TTT will make every reasonable effort to inform all members of any/all significant changes.
  30. This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the British Virgin Islands, and any legal action taken against “Trade to Travel Incorporated” must take place within the courts of the British Virgin Islands. Acceptance and Maintenance of membership in Trade to Travel is acceptance of, and consent to, the personal jurisdiction of these courts. Members and Former Members of TTT agree to pay all court costs incurred by TTT in the event that an action of law or in equity is initiated against TTT in which Trade to Travel Incorporated prevails.
  31. Trade to Travel Incorporated has the right to suspend or terminate this membership without any further obligation if Member fails to comply with all of the Terms and Conditions of Membership in Trade to Travel Incorporated and any/all credits accrued by the Member during their membership shall be forfeited.

Member may cancel this membership at any time without any penalty or obligation, and shall not be entitled to any refund of exchange fees or credits or any other prior payments made. To cancel TTT membership, please mail or deliver a signed and dated cancellation notice (or any other written notice) to: Trade to Travel Incorporated, Sea Meadows House, Road Town, Tortola VG1110 British Virgin Islands.