Darién, Panama, Property #T2781

Property #: T2781
Property Name: Canopy Camp
Credits per Week: 2200 - 6700
Location: Darién
Country: Panama
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Nearest Airport:
Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
Max Occupancy: 2
Square Feet:
Will also Rent: Yes
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Located in Central America’s most diverse and least-explored region, the Darién province of Panama is a birder’s paradise. Situated in the humid lowlands of far eastern Panama, near the end of the Pan-American Highway, at the new Canopy Camp you can feel the wilderness around you, just a step outside your tent. Towering giants – Cuipo trees – provide a panorama of Darién and are in clear view above the forest canopy, right from your tent. It is in these enormous rainforest giants that Harpy Eagles and Crested Eagles place their nests and raise their young. Canopy Camp Darien features eight large, safari-style tents. Our tents are custom-manufactured in Africa by Exclusive Tents and are designed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive areas, they are very eco-friendly! On top of that, they are rugged and able to withstand our tropical climate. Our tents are erected on raised platforms to keep you up off the ground and dry in the lowland rainforest of Darién. We have two types of tents at the Canopy Camp: six standard suite tents and two deluxe suite tents. Each of our spacious standard suite tents occupies an area of 173 square feet and offer plenty of space to store your luggage, clothing and gear. Large windows on all sides with flaps allow natural light and breeze to enter the tent during the daylight hours. Each has two single beds or one queen bed, two tables, a floor fan and overhead light, and a solid plantation teak wood floor. Our large, two-room deluxe tents offer a bit more space. Each has an area of 249 square feet, including an extra room for a small bed or extra gear. Plenty of windows offer natural light, and can be closed for privacy. Our deluxe tents have two single beds or one queen bed, two tables, a floor fan and overhead light, and a solid teak wood floor. Each tent has a full private bathroom located directly outside of the tent on the platform. Each bathroom has all the essentials – flush toilets and a shower that offers serene, private views of the surrounding rainforest. Just a step outside of the tent, the platform offers covered space to relax in lounge chairs in the shade during the hot mid-day sun or an afternoon rain, with exquisite views of the jungle surrounding the camp from your own observation deck. Finally, our tents are manufactured with tight-woven seams and mesh windows to keep insects, rain and other elements of the rainforest out – just remember to zip up the doors when you enter and exit to keep any curious creatures out. While you sip your morning coffee, listen for the buzzy trills of Golden-headed Manakins lekking in the forests beside the camp. A walk with your knowledgeable guide will be thoroughly awe-inspiring and entertaining. From tiny, colorful poison dart frogs on the forest floor to Red-throated Caracaras in the canopy above, these forests are full of life. At the end of the day of exploring the region, settle into your tent and doze off to the calls of owls, potoos, nightjars and a symphony of frogs, bidding you good-night from the forests of Darién. While enjoying the wilderness all around us, camp in comfort in custom-designed African safari-style tents with all the amenities we offer at our other eco-lodges.
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