Mexico City, Mexico, Property #T3303

Property #: T3303
Property Name: Seminario 12
Credits per Week: 17500 - 21040
Location: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
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Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2
Max Occupancy: 14
Square Feet:
Will also Rent: Yes
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A palatial home built four centuries ago on Mexico City's most important location. The house sleeps up to fourteen guests in 4 beautifully decorated bedrooms with 7 double beds. Bedrooms 1 and 2 have two double beds in each room and are connected by one of the en suite bathrooms. Bedrooms 3 and 4 each have one double bed and are connected by the other en suite bathroom. Delight in the use of a historical palace and family home, carefully restored, a prestigious art collection and all modern amenities and services, including butler service, drawing rooms, bar, dining room, library, and antique furniture. Great views of the Cathedral and the Zocalo, and steps away from museums and restaurants. The house on Seminario 12 is built on top of the remains of the Ceremonial Center of the Aztec City of Tenochtitlan. The land was subdivided by Hernan Cortes and adjudicated to one of his lieutenants, Pedro de Maya However, the construction of the house as it can be seen now, dates 1626. This family residence belonged to two of the oldest estates of the Spanish colony, to that of Hernando de Avila during the first years of the century, and to the Lopez de Peralta estate between 1624 and 1751, when it was acquired at auction by the merchant Domingo Mateos. In 1751, Dona Maria de Jesus del Rey and Bousa, who was the owner at that time, sold it to the Convento de la Inmaculada Concepcion and the Colegio del Seminario. In 1846, the Convent was forced to sell the house in order to contribute funds to the Mexican army that fought against the invasion by North American troops in 1846. In 1933, when Narciso Bassols was head of the Ministry of Public Education, the building with many years on it and in an extreme deteriorating condition, was declared a historic monument, thus becoming the first house on Calle del Seminario to obtain such prerogative. In 1988 it was purchased by its current owners, who began a painstakingly careful and accurate reconstruction that managed to restore the building to its original state, making it one of the few structures from the XVII century that have recovered their original function, in the case of Seminario 12, a family home. Guest facilities include: luxurious drawing room with magnificent views to the Zocalo; Fully equipped and spacious dining kitchen and dining room suitable for entertaining; flat screen TV on each bedroom with AppleTV, Wi-Fi facilities, maid service; a cook can also be arranged on request.
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