Venice, Italy, Property #T1244

Property #: T1244
Credits per Week: 4000
Location: Venice
Country: Italy
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Nearest Airport: 30 minutes by boat taxi
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Max Occupancy: 4
Square Feet: 150sm
Will also Rent: No
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Light and water, color and the march of centuries, genius and passion, priceless art and soaring music, dark secrets and tall tales, endless surprises and mischief - these and infinitely more swirl in the masterpiece that is Venice. Edges blur, tides rise and fall beneath you, every moment of each day another stitch in a tapestry woven of fantasy and reality, sparkling present and mysterious past. Infinite twists and turns delight. Time after time you will round a corner to gasp at what is before you. Impossibly, each church, each palace, and every museum is more breathtaking, more fascinating than the last - each meal and every libation a feast for the senses. The Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Campo San Polo, Rialto Bridge, The Bridge of Sighs, Palazzo Ducale, Ca Rezzonico, Harrys Bar, Gritti Palace... its silly to try to list the must-sees on this island. Until you have visited Venice, she awaits you, anticipating your adoration. This luxurious three bedroom private home is chock-full of museum-quality art collected from all corners of the globe by its adventurous owner. It couldnt be more charmingly located and is the absolute perfect place to call "home" at the end of the day. You will spend hours at the kitchen counter, surrounded by a gallery of photos which will arouse great curiousity and provide a colorful backdrop for animated evening conversation. When its time for bed, you will appreciate your hosts exquisite taste as you drift off to dreamland in the finest Pratesi linens. Maximum: 4 adults per week and no children under 18 years.
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