Members of "Trade to Travel" (TTT) are a global audience of high net worth individuals, all of whom own luxury properties. If you own a vacation home which is for sale, or if you are a realtor, property manager, or vacation rental agent, we will be happy to build a profile for your properties on our website free of charge.

We ask no commission for sales which result from exposure on our site. All we ask is that the owner or manager of each property make one or more weeks available to members of TTT in exchange for points which can be used to enjoy 90% savings on luxury accommodations worldwide.

Give us a week and we'll give you the world!

Potential buyers often think they'd love to buy a vacation home, but they also love to travel and don't want to be tied to vacationing in the same property in the same destination year after year (even if it's a spectacular property in a fabulous destination). It was this thought which caused Vaniene Hardy and Betty Magee, the women who envisioned TTT over 20 years ago, to create our company which today makes it possible for vacation home owners to enjoy villas, chalets, yachts, castles, estates, boutique hotels, spas, penthouses and private islands.

The first time a member of TTT visits a property, the owner of that property and the property manager, realtor, or rental agent (if the property was referred by a property manager, realtor, or rental agent) will receive double points per our introductory offer (meaning points representing twice the weekly rental rate). Each point represents $1000 of rental value or rack rate. Points never expire.

Real estate and rental companies use points as exciting incentives and rewards for outstanding staff members. Plus, if you are a realtor, property manager, or rental agent, you will receive commissions of $250 for each property you list on our website.

SAVE 90% on luxury accommodations in over 60 countries.

Members can ask for a cleaning fee to help cover expenses when hosting their fellow members. Owners of staffed properties ask for staff fees or gratuities.

Membership in TTT leverages your investment in your property, using vacant weeks to maximize ROI in ways no other company in the world makes possible.

We also refer rental clients to our members' properties. When we refer rental clients, we ask a 10% commission. If the rental client was referred to us by one of the many rental agencies worldwide which refer their clients to us, we ask a 20% commission since we split the commission with the agency which referred the client.

SECURITY. Members of TTT own luxury properties and they treat your vacation home the way they want their guests to treat their properties. They agree to be responsible for any/all damages which which they might accidentally cause during their stay. Any member failing to honor this commitment in a manner satisfactory to all concerned would lose their membership in TTT and forfeit all of their points. Each member agrees to our "Terms and Conditions" which details the accountabilities of all involved parties.

No member has ever not paid immediately and fully for any accidental damage which was caused by them or by members of their party. In the event that a member ever does cause damage which they don't pay for to the complete satisfaction of their host, TTT will pay the host up to $1000.

For over 20 years, we've partnered with preeminant real estate companies, property managers, and vacation rental agencies in the world's best vacation destination. For example, Frias Properties is the largest property management company and vacation rental agency in Aspen, Colorado. We've been working with them for 15 years and the relationship has been great for all involved.

Frias Properties arranges for members of TTT to enjoy deluxe 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condos in downtown Aspen, plus five-star privileges at The Aspen Club & Spa, complimentary transportation to and from the Aspen airport, concierge services, and 24/7 property management services.

If you're a realtor, property manager, or vacation rental agent, we'd love to work with you. If you would like us to build profiles on our website free of charge for one or more properties, please give us a call at 800.922.6001 and you'll be enjoying luxury vacations worldwide via TTT before you know it!